The taste of goodness

The taste of goodness

Enhancing the local culinary heritage...

In the local environment of the Relais du Silence, there are traditions, recipes, and rare, tasty techniques. They are linked to local produce, forgotten varieties, producers who perpetuate an incredibly rich heritage. Our chefs are passionate about sharing with you the refinement associated with the region, tradition combined with modernity and the local when it is enhanced by cuisines from elsewhere. In France as in all the countries where we are established. 

…and creating with what nature gives us.

Fruit and vegetables, salted foods and meats, wines and mineral waters, cakes and cooked meats: each region offers traditions that are sometimes a thousand years old, collected and cultivated by passionate producers. Our chefs maintain privileged and enriching relationships with them. They draw rare, creative inspiration from this closeness, which you don't find in the great European capitals. Their heart is to make you share each day at their table marvellous and unique recipes, combining the naturalness of the produce and the refinement of their expertise

Dinners which arouse all your senses….

Sharing our cuisine with you also means welcoming you into our houses, our dining rooms, our terraces. So that a meal is not just a pleasure to the taste buds but also to the eyes and ears. Restaurant dining areas with a careful designer décor in one place and more traditional rooms in another, while keeping the refinement and cosy atmosphere that is a feature of our region.
The summer months also offer fine sunsets or delicious lunches on shady terraces and a view over natural landscapes that have been preserved or carefully designed parks. A crackling fire, the gentle chink of two glasses coming together, the slight rustling of the wind in the leaves, the delicate birdsong, gastronomy is also experienced in an environment. 

Attention to every detail….

From the kitchen to the dining room, everything is done to pay you the most attention. Supporting you in your choices, finding the best wine to enhance your meal, each destination is an opportunity to discover an art of receiving, service that is warm, discreet and authentic at the same time.  

With nearly 180 Relais du Silence in Europe, and nearly as many traditions, you will never stop having fine culinary encounters.

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